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PRO15 ,

A subtle filter for with a medium attenuation. Suitable for unplugged musicians including vocalists, wood and brass musicians, and orchestras.

Includes Squeezy Case, ACS Comfort Cream, and an ACS Wax Pick


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The PRO15 by ACS provides more subtle attenuation which is perfect for use in acoustic or orchestral environments, sloping up in the higher frequencies for protection against heavily played wind instruments. The vented design offers reduced occlusion, making communication and vocal performances sound more natural – resulting in a plug that is more transparent to the wearer. The complete plug (custom made in soft silicone) offers one of the most comfortable hearing protection solutions for unplugged musicians with the additional benefit of water resistance for increased longevity. The PRO15 represents the next generation of musicians hearing protection.


The PRO15 attenuation curve is the result of a very specific design that satisfies two very important requirements. Firstly, the requirement of acoustic musicians to be able to hear what they’re doing whilst being protected from peaks in higher frequencies but where the overall noise is lower than for many other musicians. The PRO15 solves this with a flat 12dB protection up to the mid-range and then a gentle curve up to 15dB at the high end where many of the dangerous blasts from wind instruments sit. Second is the requirement for a hearing protector that conforms to the ANSI standard for hearing protection for use under the Noise at Work regulations. The ANSI standard specifies minimum protection values at specific frequencies and creating a low noise hearing protector can be difficult without dipping below these values. The PRO15 provides protection that’s not only perfectly suited to the acoustic musician but also meets the ANSI requirements so the musician and politician are perfectly happy.

SRP $185

If you are unsure what product to buy or need further product information before making your purchase, please contact the ACS sales team on 646 559 5642 ext 1. We will be happy to help.

Please Note: You are able to exchange the attenuating filters on your PRO earplugs within 30 days of purchase, giving you the option to receive the ideal amount of hearing protection for your environment.

*This free of charge exchange can only be exchanged once and within 30 days.

Download the latest PRO Series care and usage instructions.

Download the Pro 15 specification sheet.