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Encore Custom ,

Full bodied, hard hitting Live! ready IEM, maximize your IEM experience with our flagship Live! IEM.

Live! Ambient Compatible.

Includes a Revivo, 10 Pack of Revivo Dessicant, Zip Case, 3.5mm to 1/4” Adapter, ACS Comfort Cream, and an ACS Wax Pick

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Cable Type

Studio Cable discontinuing January 1, 2018
Live Ambient Mics NOT available with Studio Cable

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New Addition

With the ACS Encore Custom, we have added a 5 driver IEM to the range to cater for those who want hard deep hitting bass less emphasis on mids and increased output in the high frequencies. The Encore Custom uses either the same proprietary detachable cable system as the rest of our Live! series products, or the linum T2 connector (on studio models). Also you can now pick to have these molded in any of the exciting new transparent colors that are shown in the color chart.

The Same Accommodating Approach

Just like any ACS product, the ACS Encore Custom is manufactured from soft medical grade silicone giving you a fit like no other earpiece. We use the softest material in the industry to give you unparalleled isolation in the most demanding environments with a consistent seal at all times and, because your earpiece can flex with your ear as you move or sing your monitors stay comfortable without fatigue or irritation. In addition to comfort and isolation, using silicone allows us to seal the speakers into the mold and take control of their acoustic environment, this means we leave no room for the shape of your ear to affect how your monitors will sound or for your drivers to misbehave so they sound just as our technicians intended every single time.

So Much Thought Into Such a Small Object

ACS in-ear monitors are designed and produced according to some simple principles that we think help us to focus on what’s important rather than just chasing the pack. Our earpieces are flush and discreet in the ear, we don’t just throw more drivers into the mix in the hope that it will make the monitors sound better, particularly if that means delivering ear shattering volumes. We pay attention to every aspect of the ACS Encore Custom, from the 3.5mm plug right to your eardrum to make sure its performing as it should and we don’t do as others do if we don’t believe it is right. Keeping the connector as small as possible means that we can keep the cable discreet and mounting the socket in the silicone means your cables will stay put in performance but came loose if the cable is pulled from the ear minimizing the risk of damage. Not only that but by simply moving the pins from the plug on the cable to the socket in your monitor we’ve minimized the changes of damage to the cable even when it’s not connected. With the pins in the socket sunk into your earpiece there is no chance of them coming to harm and with no pins at the cable end at all it’ll take a lot more than a size 13 Doc Marten to put you in need of a replacement.

Maximize Your Experience

If selected with Ambient Live! microphones, ACS Encore Custom will have a pair of built-in, wideband, natural response microphones! Interfacing with our Ambient Live! pack between a wireless belt pack or mixer, your Live! In-ear monitors will allow you to introduce and adjust your ambient surroundings independently from the mix. This gives you the ability to control the outside sound and safely eliminate the isolation experienced by wearing good sealing in-ear monitors. The full 3D effect of the ambient signal perfectly mimics your natural hearing, giving you great positional ambient cues and is much more effective than stage pick-up miss which have to be controlled at the desk and do not give a sense of depth or position. All of this is seamlessly taken care of by the intelligent DSP integrated into the Ambient Live! Pack with great clarity and ultra-low latency. So if you’re ready to take your IEM experience to the next level you can view the Ambient Live! Pack on our website and download the specification sheet and snap up one of our new Ambient Live! Pack and start enjoying the benefits of going Live!